Do I need to register for August Orientation?
Please see the schedule of events for event-specific information. Several of the social events require registration or a paid ticket. However, the main events including the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Welcome and the workshop for international students do not require an advance registration.

Can I bring family members or guests to August Orientation?
Orientation Day and the International Student Welcome are predominantly directed at graduate students, to provide useful information directly related to their graduate studies, and the topics covered will likely not be of interest to your family members. We ask only graduate students to attend these events. However, during Orientation Week there are many social events hosted by the Graduate Student Society and, although priority is given to new graduate students, some last minute tickets may be available for your family members (some are ticketed events so you will need to purchase tickets and check availability).

I am starting in term 2. Should I attend the Orientation in August?
We will offer a smaller Orientation to all students that start in January so that everybody will be able to get the relevant information. Please do not be concerned if you cannot be in Vancouver for the Orientation in August. However, if you happen to be in Vancouver at the time of Orientation Week, you are welcome to attend the events.

How do I get a UBC Card?
The UBCcard is your official student identification card. It grants you access to various UBC Housing buildings, as well as study rooms and classrooms. You can use it to make purchases at the UBC Bookstore and Food Services’ dining locations. It also acts as your library card. If you use the Compass Card for transit, you are required to have the UBCcard on you when commuting. To obtain your UBCcard you MUST apply on-line after July 15th at services.ubccard.ubc.ca/  You can pick up your card at the UBC Access Desk in the UBC Bookstore, or, or if you will be living at a UBC campus residence, you have the option to pick up the card upon your check-in. For details: ubccard.ubc.ca/about-the-ubccard/faq

What is a Compass Card?
Compass is a reloadable fare card that works everywhere on transit in Metro Vancouver. You can load your U-Pass (University Transit Pass) onto a Compass Card.

What is U-Pass?
U-Pass is University Transit Pass. You can load it onto a Compass Card. The U-Pass provides unlimited bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain and Canada Line transit services within Metro Vancouver. Students should first obtain a Compass Card (they’re available on campus at the UBC Bookstore) and then link it to their U-Pass online at upassbc.translink.ca. Simply follow the instructions on the website to link the accounts.

Still have questions about Orientation?
Email us at graduate.orientation@ubc.ca